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The Rooms

Officina Building

The Officina, in the pre-war time also known as the "Inspektorhouse" was the building where the important people of "The Rittergut Lehnhaus" lived and had their workplace. Among them the "Verwalter" (manager) The "Gouvernante", responsible for the education of the children living at the "Hof" and the "Schweisser" the chief of the Cattle.

As all the buildings at Lenno, The officna was heavily ruined and abandoned. Today renovations are not finished but you can already enjoy two suites with a splendid view over the surrounding countryside. THE PENTHOUSE SUITE and the VERANDA SUITE. Both are very spacious, furnished in Classic-Modern style and have their own private bathroom.

Gasthaus building

This "Villa-like" building is the former guesthouse from the Dominium Lehnhaus. Originally it was the castle Brewery. It replaced the castle brewery which was formerly situated there where now the Palac baroque garden is. Indeed at Christmas 1574 when Sebastian von Zedlitz just finished a 2500 meter long water pipe from the Henrika-well to the castle, he used the water in a newly build brewery and in a new bathhaus (middle age eufemism for brothell). With the coming of a local brewery in the little town Wlen, one could say that we have a local beer brewing tradition from 1500 on, which this building played an important role. Behind the building is a hill where one can see still relics of a very popular pre war beer garden. People from Jelenia Gora use to come here for week-ends

Pensjonat building

In this former youth colony building we have our modest standard rooms. This building was used as a health sanatorium for kid's with breathing problems. Traditionally our region was an air spa (Lufkurort). Especially Palac Lenno has an unique micro climate. Some hundreds metres from the Lenno castle, marked with two massive chestnut trees is situated the windshield. This means the falling wind from the giant-mountains and the dominant west-wind are collapsing right here. These engagements of the two main winds results in a sort of chimney effect. All the air pollution is blow far away. People with slight lung problems can feel this. Some telling me that at Lenno they can breath deeper. Of course we respect this nature phenomen and we heat only with natural gas and electricity. At Lenno NO SMOG!!

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